Sunday, March 11, 2012

From throw away to resource recovery

Busy down at the Resource Recovery Centre today - used to be called the Transfer station - with many people taking advantage of the long weekend to tidy up. The Resource Recovery Centre accepts electronic waste [computers, TVs], green waste, mattresses, polystyrene, plastic garden pots, paint, cork - you name it - we do our best to find a way to recover the resources in the things we throw away. It is located on White St, just off Normanby Rd near the intersection of Williamstown/Normanby and Ingles St. There is no charge to drop off materials that are accepted for recycling.


Success Self Help Tips said...

Thanks so much. I'm avidly committed to recycling and try to do my very best.

But, I do have some questions I'm not 100% certain about. So your post and the link to the City of Port Phillip pdf helps a lot.

Thanks again :-)

Port Places said...

Thanks. I am aiming to do posts on waste and recycling on Fridays - the day our bins get picked up. If you search Port Focus by 'recycling'or 'resource recovery' or 'litter', more posts will come up.