Thursday, March 1, 2012

Giving notice

that a celebration for International Women's Day will be held at the Port Town Hall, next Thursday 8 March - Women Creating the Future. Mary Crooks from the Victorian Womens Trust is the guest speaker. I thought this was an opportunity to share this photograph of Mrs Crichton, lady mayoress and wife of Mayor and Councillor Crichton who served on the Port Melbourne Council from 1905 and resigned in 1956. Can that possibly be true? I don't know anything about Mrs Crichton, except that the lady mayoress used to play a very important community role and I like the look of her. So this is my tribute to Mrs Crichton and the [perhaps] unsung work she did in Port Melbourne. Please rsvp for the event to 9209 6762 or email 6 - 8 pm, upstairs at Port Town Hall

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