Friday, March 16, 2012

Recycling uncertainty

We are still putting items in the rubbish bin that could go in the recycling bin, a new report from the Metropolitan Waste Management Group has found. 'Audits of kerbside rubbish bins have revealed that, on average 20% of rubbish sent to landfill (approximately 140,000 tonnes) consists of packaging, paper and cardboard that could have been recycled. This is a significant amount of valuable material that is wasted. Despite a good grasp of the basics, people struggle to discern the different types of plastics, whether or not to recycle 'difficult' items, whether or not to clean dirty items, or whether to take lids off or leave them on. Factors such as bin size, contamination of recycling by plastic bags and lack of knowledge all prevent Melbournians rcycling more often and more effectively.' [Kerbside Recyling in Metropolitan Melbourne: Social Research Summary Report MWMG and Sustainability Victoira] If you're a bit unsure about what can be recycled, check out the Council's Waste and Recycling services guide on p3.

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