Monday, April 2, 2012

Floods, the SES and you

A post on floods on such a balmy April day? A Flood Forum was held last week in Elwood, right now floods are sweeping through Fiji while parts of Victoria are still recovering from the February floods. In flood, as in fire situations, there are things that we can do - as well as other authorities. There are many a future post in this so I am just going to talk about the SES today. The SES is made up, as you know, of local people who volunteer to do this work in addition to their paid jobs and after hours. Our SES is based off Williamstown Road, just behind the Port footy ground where members meet regularly to refresh and upgrade their skills. Their first priority in an emergency is human life - and this means that sometimes we may have to wait awhile - knowing that they are prioritising their calls. The SES's main message at the Flood Forum was never to drive through flood water. Their important advice on keeping Floodsafe can be accessed here and I will put it as a link on Port Focus.

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