Monday, April 30, 2012

A post about Port Melbourne Primary School

Just in case you've somehow missed it - its the PMPS fete this Saturday. Today, on behalf of Council, I presented a bike to the School in recognition of the efforts the whole school community is making to walk or ride to school. This is becoming a neighbourhood as well as a health imperative, as congestion around the School presents a safety issue for students and an amenity issue for neighbours as the School continues to grow. The Council commissioned its own research to understand the current pressures and future educational needs in Port Phillip. The reports says at para 4.9  "The reality is that at the beginning of 2012, information provided by Port Melbourne Primary School indicated that it has 548 enrolments and this year had a Prep intake of 130. Based on an assumption that this number moves through the school, and assuming the same intake over the next three years as a minimum given the population growth in the area, there is every indication that approximately 784 children would be enrolled in the 2015 school year. If the current enrolment of 130 in the Prep year continued to 'roll through', a reasonable assumption given birth notifications and housing developments, the numbers could then rise to 843 in 2016." [Escalier Consulting Pty Ltd in conjunction with Danny Colgan & Associates, p9, para 4.9] The full report can be accessed here.

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