Monday, April 23, 2012

Murphy Reserve and trees

I want to make sure you know where to go for information about proposed tree removals and tree plantings at Murphy Reserve. There are signs on site as well as a page of information and  links on Council's website. A mail out has already been done. In addition, the brochure will be hand delivered to residents surrounding the Reserve. There are two main things to say about the trees: some trees are being removed along Williamstown Rd [within the Reserve] to create an avenue of trees alongside the newly created walking path, and some large trees are being removed to make way for the re-located baseball field. These actions arise from the consultation and are described in the masterplan. The most important things identified through the consultation were
  • the need for water security for the playing fields - hence the wetland and water storage proposed for the corner where this photograph was taken
  • identifying Murphy Reserve as primarily a sporting precinct - hence the new soccer field that will be added. The baseball field needs to be re-located to accommodate the new soccer field
  • making the Reserve more attractive and useable for people who do not play sport. Early on in the consultation period, a community member of the reference group was especially passionate about providing opportunities for more trees - exotic and native - trees that would look spectacular in Autumn and large, specimen trees that can't be planted in footpaths. That is what is proposed.

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