Thursday, February 26, 2009

Community Conversation at Port Melbourne Town Hall

The meeting was well attended. Many thoughts and ideas were expressed and captured on butcher's paper. Someone observed 'we no longer have butchers but we have butchers' paper'

A very small sample of some of the phrases I noted: 

'council must be rigorous and responsive in its own inquiries and processes'

'I don't think development has destroyed the village feel of Port Melbourne, but trucks will'

'there's plenty to do'

'like cafes - there are nice places to sit'

council should support 'vitality in every generation'

Whereas the idea of community building/spirit was considered to be a relatively mature concept, there was a feeling that thinking about climate change was less well understood and articulated.

There was support for council to

  • facilitate the take up of local environmental initiatives

  • greatly improve its communication

  • improve the delivery of core services

The issues for Port Melbourne as one person expressed them are

'traffic, trees and tall buildings'

The feedback from across the city will become part of the development of the council plan.

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