Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sandridge foreshore landscape plan

There was animated discussion at the Sandridge LifeSaving Club on Saturday 31st as people offered their views on the concepts presented.
Everyone wants improvements to the management of the foreshore. People want it to be lovely, a place they - and visitors - can be proud of.
Trees were the hottest topic.

  1. should there be trees along the Promenade at all?

  2. what sort of trees should there be? Some favoured palms, others liked the suggested Norfolk Island pines, others preferred banksias

Since there were a range of strongly held views on trees, that aspect of the plan will be suspended for the time being while the agreed improvements are implemented.

There is $456,000 in this year's budget for Sandridge. This budget allocation has been hard fought for. I think every passionate person wants something very beautiful for this unique part of the world so we want to make sure we spend this money wisely and well.