Sunday, February 8, 2009

Swimmers and boats

Parks Victoria is reviewing boating zones in Port Phillip. The new zones are meant to make the water close to beaches safer.

All boats are supposed to travel at 5 knots within 200m of the shore, a practice not universally observed by jetskis.

The proposed 'no boating' zone basically means swimming only. The other zones proposed would be shared zones where swimmers and craft of all kind will co-exist. When the new zones are agreed and adopted, clearer and more consistent signage will be introduced.

In Port Melbourne, the proposed 'no boating' zones are between

  • Todd Road and the groyne immediately to the east

  • Lagoon Pier and Kerferd Road Pier
There is concern that the needs of swimmers have not been taken into account to date in the consultation process.

If you would like to comments, please contact Steve Scott on 9209 6309 or