Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Follow up on Crichton Reserve (see post on February 15)

Last year, I won support for an allocation of $400,000 in the 2008/09 budget for improvements to our minor parks.

The big parks such as Garden City Reserve, Sandridge foreshore and the Light Rail Reserves have secured large budget allocations over the years.

There has never been a satisfactory way of securing funding for upgrading the small parks where a new seat, or an improved path could make all the difference.

This programme is now being rolled out. The works look to improve pedestrian access into parks, provide more shade trees and improve the condition of paths, fences and furniture where required.

Some of the early works involved the removal of dead or poorly performing trees. The tree planting lies ahead in the cooler months. Residents are worried that new trees may not be successful in the ongoing and prolonged drought conditions. That is why a watering regime will accompany the tree planting programme. I regret that fuller information and consultation opportunities were not offered in the development of this programme.

Works are taking place at
Morris reserve
Derham Street Road Closure
Julier Reserve
Crichton Reserve
Centenary Reserve
Mariposa Place (Beacon Cove)
Narooma Place (Beacon Cove)
Stathfield Mews (Beacon Cove)
Orcades Mews (Beacon Cove)
The Crecent (Beacon Cove)
Park Square (Beacon Cove)
Edina Close (Beacon Cove)
Turville Place
George Sangster
Cyrill Letts

TT Buckingham Reserve