Sunday, January 10, 2010

Action taken on errant jetskis

Checked in with the lifesavers at Sandridge this afternoon to find out how they had gone with the hot day.

Water Police had been called - and attended - because two jetskiers were persistently riding at speed among a high concentration of swimmers. This picture was taken after the police visit.

The area between the groyne (Beacon Cove end) and Todd Rd is a no boating zone, so there should not be any jetskis in this area at any time.

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Nick said...

I was unware that the no boat zone extended to the groyne. I thought it ended at eastern yellow pole.
I found this out after speaking to lifesavers who had instructed a jet ski to move out of that zone near the groyne.
The combined effort of Council, Life Savers and Water Police will hopefully get the message out regarding the no boating zone and greatly reduce the risk of injury.
I'll take my mobile phone on beach visits to report any transgressions.