Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Port Projects for 2010

The council re-convenes tomorrow. These are some of the projects you have identified that I will be working with you and others to achieve:

  • respond proactively to possible planning application for 1 - 11 Waterfront Place (currently occupied by Genesis gym) to achieve benefits for the Port Melbourne community
  • ensure effective buffer arrangments are put in place between an expanding and intensifying Webb Dock and the Port Melbourne/Garden City community and improve uptake of Plummer St bypass
  • get that toilet outside Coles open!
  • work towards the Liardet St family and children's centre
  • complete Garden City Reserve landscape and playspace improvements
  • implement the final stage of the Sandridge Beach masterplan including pathways and lighting
  • implement recommendations from the Perce White Reserve masterplan
  • secure commitment for funding streetscape works in the Rouse St (west) precinct
  • begin working with the community reference committee on the urban design framework process for the Port Melbourne waterfront to plan for long term improvements to this significant place
  • work with the community of Murphy's Reserve on future directions to achieve improvements
  • deliver the new facility at North Port Oval and refurbish the Goss grandstand
  • achieve raised pedestrian crossings at Poolman/Clark for children going to and from Port Melbourne Primary
  • rehabilitate degraded turf areas in the Railway Reserves
  • get options on the table for the Bay/Liardet intersection
  • a 40 km speed limit for Bay St
  • complete the asset handover of Beacon Cove to the City of Port Phillip. This includes the Promenade. A measure of success would be to get bins on the Promenade
  • transfer planning control for Beacon Cove (residential areas) to Port Phillip
  • significantly strengthen our tourism effort at Station Pier
  • work with Parks Victoria to implement the boating zone review recommendations to manage jetskis, especially at Sandridge

I have deliberately not prioritised these projects as each one is significant to the community closest to it.

Is there something that is very important to you that I have left off this list?

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