Sunday, January 24, 2010

Riding through the Montague St/M1 interchange

I thought I would take a ride to road test the new arrangements at the Montague Street interchange now the M1 works are substantially complete.

This intersection is all that comes between Port Melbourne and the attractions of the DFO at South Wharf, Docklands and Docklands Stadium.

In spite of the of the green on road treatment and relatively low volumes of traffic on a Sunday morning, I found it less than comfortable on the bike.

The St Kilda cycle club Sunday morning race made the access round the back via Johnson Street a bit awkward.

There is a wide footpath from one side of the crossing to the other. Although not signed, it looks as though it is intended as a shared walking and cycling path. All the crossings are well marked with clear audio-tactile pedestrian crossings.

So, my opinion was that the crossing is safer than it used to be but remains an intimidating experience for non-car users.

What is your experience of this intersection?


Nick said...

I find the whole section from the corner of Williamstown Rd and Ingles St to Montague St via Johnson And Munro Sts intimidating until I am over into docklands.

Commuting to Footscray I use the above route to get out onto Montague St where the green painted bike lanes are welcome as they signal to the cars that I am riding in the correct section of the road so hopefully they will give me that space.

This makes me think that Johnson & Munro Sts could do with bike lanes to complement the new lane out on Montague St.

I do use a fair bit of pace through this whole area to keep cars from cutting me off as I negotiate left, right, left turns - Willy Rd - Johnson St - Munro St - Montague St.

Coming home I use the footpath which is nice and wide for both pedestrians and cyclists.

There are plenty of bike racks at the west end of South Wharf outside DFO.

Janet Bolitho said...

It sounds like you an assertive cyclist and not easily put off by cars travelling at well over 60 k turning left to Bolte Bridge or Westgate!
Yes, I have made use of the plentiful supply of bike parking at South Wharf.

Evelyn Howard said...

HI Janet
Thanks for visiting my website - I love Port Melbourne :).

It's really nice to know that someone road tested the new bike lane (thank you!). I've never been there on the new lane. From the photo, I think I'd feel quite vulnerable. That is a busy intersection.

Hope you are having a nice weekend, Evelyn

Janet Bolitho said...

Thanks Evelyn I also love your gardening blog