Saturday, February 6, 2010

All happening at Station Pier

The council will soon be appointing a community reference committee to be part of developing an urban design framework for the Port Melbourne waterfront.

Some people have asked why anything needs to be done in the area - 'if it ain't broke, why fix it' - but yesterday with the Dawn Princess and the Pacific Dawn at Station Pier, the reasons were plain to see.
Traffic was backed up towards Bay St, and the coffee queue was backed up at the Beacon Cove foodstore. Taxis and Yarra Trams were there in numbers ready and waiting to get people on their way.

Those two cruise ships represent a possible 3,970 passengers through the area in one day.

Clearly the waterfront could function better for all and that is why an urban design framework is needed.

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Bruce of Baghdad said...

Station Pier.

You must have been there earlier or later than me. I rode my bike along the beach bike park to work at about 9.00 on Friday when the two ships were in, along with the Tasmania one, and the traffic was literally stopped back as far as Kerford Road.