Saturday, February 13, 2010


I love the few remaining verandahs with the Port Melbourne council crest. My favourite is on the corner of Bridge and Lyons Street. They are protected in the Port Phillip planning scheme. Each building and verandah has its own citation.

This information is drawn from the citation for the properties on the corner of Bridge and Lyons St:
These shops were built around 1910 on land reclaimed from the lagoon.

They are largely intact and notable for the extremely conservative design of the facades, including boarded timber parapets, and for their standard cast iron verandahs.

... The use of boarded timber parapets, is here particularly evocative of small rural shops and is very unusual in the metropolitan area.
Can anybody identify all four of the symbols on the crest?
from citation 261 of the City of Port Phillip Heritage Review


Nick said...

I'm ok with the bottom two, but the top two?
Maybe a bee hive or a kiln top left and woolbails top right?

Janet Bolitho said...

but why the beehive? I have never really understood that one.

Nick said...

A beehive? Was Sandridge in the early days a popular site for honey collection?

Verandahs Adelaide said...

Besides the fact that it serves as front porch or entry way protection, verandahs also serve as entertaining area for friends and family.

Janet Bolitho said...

I love seeing people in front of their houses under the verandah with friends. I agree this is a very positive feature of a verandah