Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Future growth of the Port of Melbourne at Webb Dock

In response to concern about the future of the Port of Melbourne at Webb Dock, the council passed the following motion at the meeting last night:

'that Council support the issues and outcomes reflected in the City of Port Phillip's preliminary submission (December 2009) to the Minister for Planning's Advisory Committee, established pursuant to section 151 of the Planning and Environment Act to consider the planning framework for Port of Melbourne land and buffer areas including:
  • a review of the full range of likely impacts from the proposed port development and a clear statement of the environmental and amenity standards to be met
  • inclusion of specific controls in the Port of Melbourne Planning Scheme which ensure the construction of an effective buffer consisting of well designed landscape and built acoustic buffer treatments
  • a commitment from the state government that the construction of Dockside Road will occur at a nominated and agreed point in the Port's expansion and
  • a commitment from the State Government that an investigation of the feasibility of the Webb Dock rail will be undertaken as soon as possible and reported to the public.
Advise of its intent to expand/elaborate on these matters following Council's consideration and community input on the Advisory Committee's discussion papers programmed for release by mid 2010.'


Nick said...

Janet thanks for getting this motion through for Port Melbourne and Garden City.

Carol said...

Janet, it's good to hear that the Council is aware of the fact that the development of the Port will impact on Garden City, and that it intends to address this at the planning stage.