Monday, February 22, 2010

'Don't throw the 606 under the bus'*

Caught the 9.03 service from Bay St to Luna Park, St Kilda this morning with one other passenger. The amiable bus driver sings the whole way.
Caught the connecting tram to the St Kilda Town Hall and arrived in time for briefings at 9.30.
Pity that is the last service until the afternoon.

Improvement of this connecting route is one of the Council's top three public transport priorities.
* this is the title given to a letter in this week's Emerald Hill Weekly


Seagull said...

Mrs McBride (in her letter to the Emerald Hill Weekly) may be correct in asserting that the 606 St. Kilda-Fishermen's Bend bus is the most reliable service time wise in Melbourne. But the Council is correct in labelling it "Melbourne's worst bus line". 9 trips per day is pathetic. Port Phillip needs a bus service that links the the entire municipality from east to west all day Monday to Sunday.

Extending the 630 Monash University-Elwood bus to Fishermen's Bend via St. Kilda would give Port Phillip residents the comprehensive frequent service they need. It would also give residents in Port Melbourne, South Melbourne, and Albert Park direct access to the south eastern suburbs via the Sandringham, Frankston, and Dandenong rail lines.

Bring it on!

Ian Davidson
St. Kilda

Janet Bolitho said...

Thanks - wholeheartedly agree