Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Borough undefeated

Port beat the Werribee Tigers 17 9 111 to 13 14 92. Port wasn't looking too good in the third quarter but they pulled away in the final quarter to finish with a goal on the siren. Port continues top of the ladder. The game was marred by an incident of racial vilification against the Tigers' Sudanese born Majak Daw. 'A spectator at the game ... was escorted from the ground by the police at half time, after members from both teams had told security and the police. ... AFL Victoria football operations manager John Hook said there would be ramifications for the offender. "The good thing about it is we know who he is now and clubs don't tolerate it and we don't tolerate it. We're all about encouraging multi-culturalism into our footy. There's no place for people like that."' Brent Diamond the


Janet Bolitho said...

'AFL Victoria released a statement on Monday night saying the spectator was banned from entering VFL games unless he undertakes racial vilification education. Victoria Police has offered the spectator racial and religious vilification education. [Sydney Morning Herald, Monday 6 June]

Janet Bolitho said...

'AFL Victoria revealed today the man, who abused Daw over the fence at the Port Melbourne and Werribee game on Saturday June 4, had completed a one-on-one education course and had written to Daw, who admitted he had been devastated by the abuse.

The letter stated that he had “a better understanding how hurtful his comments were ......... and that it will never happen again.”

But the supporter will still be banned from games for the rest of the season.

“We are pleased the person in question firstly agreed and now has taken the necessary first steps to educate himself as to why his comments were inappropriate and unacceptable,” AFL Victoria General Manager Grant Williams said.

“The fact that this person has voluntarily undergone the education program means that he knows what he said was wrong and he would like to make amends.”

“It is a real positive that he has completed the racial vilification education program and we will reiterate our expectations to him prior to the VFL football season next year."