Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Walking words

I saw Liz and Hartmut Grieb out walking and they looked liked dedicated walkers so I asked them where they walked and how often: "Walking for us is low keyed, semi spontaneous and just part of our life pattern, up to twice per week, near the Yarra and bush, from 4 - 11 ks, usually with a sandwich and a thermos of tea, or occasionally a light lunch at Abbotsford Convent Bakery. . . As we travel past Princes Pier we usually wonder when it will ever be completed for us all as a venue to further appreciate our seafront, and also when Ghost bus route 606, as a viable public transport facility, as proposed by CoPP, will ever be forthcoming. We also aprpeciate the big bins, and fishing line disposal bins along the Webb Dock East access walkway. Its gentle happy fun."
The picture is of the Gasworks Walking Group who set out briskly from Gasworks every Tuesday morning at 9 am.

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