Monday, June 27, 2011

Council adopts 2011/12 budget

This evening, Council approved the budget for 2011/12. It resolved to declare an amount of $88,133,180 to be raised for general rates and service charges. The proposed rate in the dollar will result in an increase of 6.5% in Council's rate. The rate in the dollar is 3.8445 cents in the dollar of the Net Annual Value of all rateable properties within the muncipality.
The adoption of the budget confirms that the following capital projects for Port Melbourne have been funded:

  • NorthPort Pavilion Redevelopment: $1,150,000 - a way forward is becoming clearer

  • Liardet Street Family & Children's Service Centre: $2,110,000

  • Murphy Reserve - implementation of works identified in Masterplan: $400,000

  • Upgrade Port Melbourne Town Hall: $200,000

  • Beach St - design: $100,000

  • Rouse St upgrade Stage 2: $600,000

  • Graham St depot: $250,000

In addition, Port Melbourne will receive its share of funding for any programme that rols out through the City such as tree planting, pedestrian safety improvements and small parks.

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