Thursday, June 23, 2011

Take another look

image with thanks to Fat Cat Spencer

On Sunday, I walked with others from Beacon Cove to Gasworks looking at various urban art projects in Port Melbourne. We didn't have time to look at these figurines at Bianca but later in the day I went past MARS Gallery to find a fantastic exhibition on by the very same artist - Mike Nicholls - who had created these sculptures. The work exhibited at MARS at the northern end of Bay St is of large wooden sculpture/carvings of great sensitivity as well as paintings. This prompted me to go back and take a closer look at the figurines outside Bianca. Here is an edited extract of the artist's statement: 'The ... sculptures echo the fluid ribbon design of the wave like awnings that wrap the building. ... Each figurine is positioned to expose a new and individual profile of the diving figure to the viewer... The image of an abstracted diving figure is a direct response to the ribbon like feel of flowing water eddying around the building.' If you can't get to MARS, you might be interested to have a look at the artist's website here.

The City of Port Phillip has an urban art policy that requires developments over $5m in value to contribute 5% to urban art within their development. These works stimulate conversation, add interest to the street, and make each building different.

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