Thursday, December 15, 2011

Big Day - Council notes 2

  • Council was at VCAT today defending its refusal of the planning application for 77 Bay St. [the space between Bayshore and the heritage shops] The proposal is for an 8 level building of 24 dwellings

  • We heard today that the Heritage Council has decided not to include Lady Forster Kindergarten on the Victorian Heritage Register.

  • Lots and lots of children and their families were at North Port Oval for cricket on this beautiful evening. The Port Melbourne Cricket Club now has 2 junior teams and 90 Milo kids

  • The Murphy Reserve reference group convened for the last time before the Masterplan goes to Council for adoption early in 2012.


Mick said...

Great to hear the Heritage Victoria have NOT included Lady Forster Kindergarten. One more stoppage out of the way for the families waiting for the new Liardet St Family and Children's Hub to open.
Hopefully the kindergarten will be moved out to Elwood ASAP. School holiday timing is perfect. When will the relocation occur?

Janet Bolitho said...

Send me an email to and I will provide a more detailed update.