Saturday, December 10, 2011

Olive's corner and the Social Justice Charter

It's raining - again. The rain is making every park look good and I thought that Olive's corner was looking especially fine when I passed. This small park and monument commemorate the life and work of Olive Zacharov. It is fitting to acknowledge Olive Zacharov on the day that the City of Port Phillip launched its Social Justice Charter because she was widely known and deeply respected for her work in this area. To read more about her life, work and the memorial, click here. Contrast today's picture with this image which shows the Bay/Liardet corner in 1999 - now PM's cafe and the gathering place for the Linking Neighbours group on a Wednesday morning. Port Melbourne Historical and Preservation Society suggest the image of the Bay/Liardet corner is more likely to have been taken in the late '70s or latest in the early '80s. Sounds right to me as I don't recall this corner looking that way when I arrived in Port in 1987. Teaches me not to be uncritical of sources.

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