Thursday, December 22, 2011

Port Focus review of 2011: 5 of 6

Planning and development: 2011 was an intensive year for development in the area south of Graham St - known in planning speak as the Mixed Use Area. Projects named Armada, Waterside, Luur, 101 Bay St, Iconica and 86 Dow St are at various stages of construction. This has made life very difficult for residents in Nott and Dow Streets. Planning permits were approved for two further six level developments in Nott St between Rouse and Beach St. It is important to note that Port Melbourne has some of the strictest planning controls in Melbourne, being one of the few places where absolute, rather than preferred, maximum heights apply in an area designated for residential growth. To balance the more intense development in this area, the first stage of the Rouse St [west] project introduced more trees and landscaping into the street. All the streets south of Graham St are covered by a developer contribution and landscape plan which was also reviewed and updated this year. These plans commit Council and developers to allocate investment to ensure that over a period of time all those streets will be upgraded to create a better residential environment. North of Graham St, the heritage planning controls were reviewed this year to give them an even sounder basis for planning decision making at Council and at VCAT. Conversations took place througout the year about the Port Melbourne Waterfront with the draft Urban Design Framework released for public comment to the end of February.

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