Sunday, December 18, 2011

Port Focus review of 2011: 1 of 6

The work of others in Port: A highlight of 2011 has been the completion of the refurbishment of Princes Pier by Major Projects Victoria. The history of the Pier is well told. Every day more people are exploring the space and the fishermen have found it - history and fishing were the things most often mentioned that people wanted from the project. The 606 bus began a more frequent and seven day a week service between Port Melbourne and St Kilda - I think people still can't quite believe it after so many years of a scanty service. The Melbourne Main Sewer project dominated the life of Ross St residents this year. We can now be confident that we have a sewer we can rely on into the future as well as a legacy of new trees in Gill Reserve and near the Port Melbourne tennis club. Yarra Trams renewed the tram tracks in a mammoth operation and in double quick time at the start of the year. On reflection, I think 2011 was the year of the engineer.

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