Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Heritage Overlay review - towards implementation

Why is this so important? In a Heritage Overlay area, a permit is required to demolish a dwelling. Without this protection, Council has no ability to refuse the demolition - unless the dwelling is significant in its own right. Council has written to affected property owners to let them know of the preparation of  Amendment C89 to the Port Phillip Planning Scheme. The amendment is about implementating the Review of Heritage Overlay 1 Port Melbourne - Outcomes and Recommendations (Lovell Chen, 2011). If you, or anyone you know, has received this letter and don't understand it or want further clarification, please don't hesitate to ring or email the contacts provided on the bottom of the letter. The Review's purpose was 'to ensure the continued relevance and comprehensiveness of the Heritage Overlay controls in Port Melbourne'. [p1] A tiny snippet from the Review: 'HO1 is ... important for its ability to demonstrate the layout and subdivision patterns of the suburb as a whole, including referencing the specific topographical and other constraints which shaped its development. Development was for many years confined to the area between the Lagoon in the east and the railway line in the west. In summary, it is the diversity of the area which is also one of its key attributes and strengths.'[p24] The amendment also proposes tree controls for the Railway Reserves and Edwards Park.

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