Friday, May 11, 2012

Its Composting Awareness Week

and that is why I am taking the unusual step of showing you my compost. A huge amount of our waste to landfill is green and food waste. Composting can change that and improve the quality of your soil - which is an ongoing project in Port Melbourne.  Composting and making cakes have a lot in common in my experience but I probably spend more time on compost than cakes these days. The balance of wet and dry is critical. There are fantastic resources around for anyone wanting to try composting. However, speaking to an experienced trouble shooting composter is probably better than any website. A community composting project is underway in Dawkins Reserve in Elwood. The rewards - as well as the trials and travails - of looking after public compost bins are discussed on their local composting blog. Composting Awareness Week runs from 7 to 12 May.

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