Thursday, May 31, 2012

Port's community leaders call for Two Schools Now

The hall was packed at tonight's meeting at South Melbourne Commons on the pressing need for new public schools in the Port Phillip area. When Peter Martin started as principal of Port Primary there were 120 students in the whole school - now there are 125 children in prep alone. Fewer families are moving out of the area after they have their first child. Docklands and Southbank place further pressure on our local schools. Further residential development is anticipated at Montague and Fishermens Bend. Adrian Stephens from Escalier Consulting challenged the State Government's position that a new school will only be needed in 5 years time. Its needed right now. A protracted and 'staunch' campaign is needed as no money is allocated for a new school in the State's 2012/13 budget nor does it seem to be in prospect for the year after.

Bernadene Voss - Port Melbourne Family and Community Hub

Helen Kuchel - President, Port People

Kasey Edwards - SouthPort Playhouse

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