Friday, June 8, 2012

8 June - World Oceans Day

More Bay than Ocean for us in Port Melbourne. How precious it is to live by the sea! What is your favourite thing about our beach and bay?

Here are some contributions for World Oceans Day:
  • Whenever I visit the South Melbourne Market, I wish I had a sustainable seafood guide with me. Well - you can download the mini-guide here. There is also a canned tuna guide on this site.
  • Avoid single use plastic wherever and whenever you can and always use a refillable water bottle.  
  • Be one of the many people around the world who are tackling plastic pollution - locally join 3207 Beach Patrol,  be inspired by the Two Hands Project or Take 3 or the apt It Starts with Me.
  • Art that calls attention to plastic in the ocean. Have a look at this work, SOUP, by Mandy Barker. SOUP refers to plastic suspended in the sea. The images are arresting - beautiful at first glance but disturbing when you look more closely. 
  • Most important of all - love the Bay!
  • Cormorant, Lagoon Pier, Port Melbourne

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