Sunday, June 3, 2012


Holy Trinity Church in Port Melbourne has been on the corner of Bay and Graham St since 1854 - though not always in the same building. Tonight the Church celebrated Trinity Sunday with a visit from Archbishop Philip Freier and the dedication of a new cross. Father Noel Whale tells the story of this cross:  'We had a vision to link the church with the history of Port Melbourne with a cross from the old timbers of Station or Princes Piers. With the guidance of the Port of Melbourne Corporation and the generosity of Waterway Constructions, the cross was fashioned from old planks of Station Pier by Trades Supervisor Boris Smrdel and his joiners Joe Ciangara, Louie Sparena and Foss Zardo. These men designed, made and ereced the cross as a gift to the parish and community.' The Church is open from Thursday to Sunday. I'm sure Father Noel would welcome you in to have a look.

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