Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Now as you may know, as far as I'm concerned 'life's better on a bike'. I know that view is not universally shared. The recent state government budget contained no funding for bike infrastructure. This sensible article by Jan Garrard gives the many reasons why governments should continue to invest in bike infrastructure. Its vastly cheaper, has a very positive benefit cost ratio, is good for public health, and takes less space. for example:  A single-occupant car requires 20 times more space than a cyclist as this great image shows. Melbourne has been growing cycling over several decades and had seemed to be at a point where ongoing investment in cycling was assured - but not so. A rally to Bring Back the Bike Budget will be taking place this Thursday morning the 21 June between 7.30 and 8.30 am on the steps of Parliament House. There are 1.1 million cyclists in Victoria and more would join them in safer infrastructure was provided.
no lycra here
Thursday 21 June
Wet as for today's bike rally. The undaunted ones.
from the steps of Parliament House looking down Bourke St

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