Saturday, June 30, 2012

End of an era - Perce White Reserve

Tomorrow, 1st July, the Port of Melbourne Corporation assumes responsibility for the ongoing management of Perce White Reserve. Although owned by the Port, the City of Port Phillip has looked after it for a long time. The Reserve is that area of open space between Todd Road and the Webb Dock East path. Perce White Reserve is named after the several times mayor of Port Melbourne, still resident in the area, and a strong advocate for the Port community in relation to the Port. The Reserve contains regionally significant vegetation, especially salt grasses, reflecting the area's relationship to the mouth of the Yarra River - see images below. The PoMC has provided assurances that the important vegetation will continue to be managed with care but have not ruled out changes to the vegetation management plan commissioned by the City of Port Phillip. Perce White Reserve forms part of the landscape buffer proposed to surround the expanded Webb Dock.

Zoysia macrantha - the only occurrence of this grass between Cape Otway and Westernport

Carex pumila - a healthy population found on the foreshore
Distichlis distichophylla  - a strong presence at Perce White Reserve

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