Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A decisive move on car dooring

From tomorrow the penalty for opening a car door into the path of a cyclist will more than double, reflecting the risk to riders that this offence poses.
'Rule 269(3) of the Victorian Road Safety Road Rules 2009, states that it is an offence to cause a hazard to a person or a vehicle by opening a door, leaving a door of a vehicle open or getting out of a vehicle. The on-the-spot fine for this offence will increase from $141 (one penalty unit) to $352 (2.5 penalty units) and the maximum court penalty from $423 (three penalty units) to $1,408 (ten penalty units).' More on safely sharing the road from the VicRoads website here. To prompt that awareness, free 'look for bike' stickers from VicRoads are available at the Assist desk at the Port Melbourne Town Hall. Do you think the increased penalty and the stickers will help address the problem?

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