Friday, August 3, 2012

Hottest, coldest, wettest, dryest ...

How often might you have said that this is the coldest winter in many years? Is it? A fascinating project* is underway to build a picture of South East Australia's climate before formal weather records started around 1910. Using newspapers, journals of early settlers and paleoclimatic records - such as tree ring records - researchers are building a picture of the variations of climate from the earliest days of settlement until reliable weather records began.  The researchers have used Trove to trawl through newspapers for information. So how was the weather in Melbourne in August 1862? Well - the Argus for 2 August 1862, p7 gives a very detailed analysis of the temperature for the month of June of that year and the relationship of the weather to the mortality for that period.
*SEARCH: South East Australia Recent Climate History

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