Wednesday, September 12, 2012


There is only one more formal Council meeting before the Council enters caretaker mode when it may not make any significant policy decisions that would bind a future council, or commit to significant expenditure.
This week, I would like to introduce you to several items that were considered at last night's meeting.
Fishermans Bend
The Council adopted a set of principles that we would like to guide the future development of the Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area. As you know, the Minister for Planning has designated this area a capital city zone. That makes the Minister the planning authority - not the Council.  Places Victoria will undertake the planning for the area for the Minister. Information on their website about Fishermans Bend is seriously scanty at this time. The Minister's announcement has immediate implications for what is possible in Fishermans Bend. At this early stage there is no framework plan in place to guide how any future development of the area will take place and how necessary community and physical infrastructure will be funded. It has almost become an over-used thought - including by the Minister - that a Docklands or Southbank must be avoided. Well - what does that really mean in planning terms?
That is why Council has adopted these principles to take to the table in future thinking about what is now know as the FBURA - Fisherman's Bend Urban Renewal Area.
Guiding Principles
  • A child and family friendly place - safe, accessible and human scale
  • A highly connected place that priorities sustainable travel and the movement of people
  • An exemplary environmentally sustainable precinct
  • A strong and vibrant economy, providing local jobs and local access to goods and services
  • A variety of neighbourhoods, each with a distinct and unique identity
  • A well serviced, diverse and connected local community that welcomes everyone
  • A community and place that is integrated, resilient and self sufficient
  • A place that embraces and fosters cultural and creative communities - in its businesses, residents and visitors
  • A funding plan for the timely provision of open space, community facilities and physical infrastructure
  • A well planned and staged precinct approach to facilitate the orderly transition of the precinct.
These principles are supported by a more detailed  strategic directions document which you can access here.

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