Saturday, September 29, 2012

The last Saturday in September

Went scouring Port for evidence of footy fever - didn't find much.  This was the best I found. Swallows were having some sort of Swans function when I went past yesterday. My own heart went out of football last weekend.
Monday 1 October
Have to revise this sentiment after the Swans defeated Hawthorn.and to acknowledge Bobby Skilton who presented the Grand Final cup. Bobby Skilton is Port Melbourne born and bred and attended Graham St primary school. He won three Brownlows when playing for South Melbourne. He was equally skilled kicking with the left and right foot, and with  left and right handed handballs. His father played for Port.*
* John May pers com
For those of you who were never interested in the football in the first place and may prefer their red a different way, here are some photos of Kennedia prostrata - or running postman - my favourite ground cover of this time of year.
photos Lyn Allison

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