Wednesday, September 5, 2012

VCAT approves 29 electronic gaming machines for Bay & Bridge Hotel

You may recall that in May, Council refused an application for 29 electronic gaming machines at the Bay and Bridge Hotel. The Council's refusal was appealed to VCAT.
In a recent decision, VCAT directed that a permit be issued for
'Use and development of the land for the purpose of building and works to the existing Hotel, internal rearrangement to provide function rooms to the upper level, use of 29 electronic gaming machines, and use of a footpath area to sell or consume liquor, generally in accordance with the endorsed plan'
The applicant also made the following undertaking to VCAT
'As long as 29 electronic gaming machines continue to be operated on the subject land, the venue operator must make an annual contribution in the sum of $60,000 in cash (indexed to CPI) to the period of ten (10) years from the date of commencement of the operation of those machines.'
Another condition on the permit that may be of interest:  'Except with the further written consent of the Responsible Authority (that is Council), a maximum of 250 patrons are permitted on the subject land at any one time'

To read the full decision and all the conditions on the permit, please click here. 
Bay and Bridge Hotel, formerly Chequers

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