Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Report back on a very late - 1.00 am! - Council meeting

North Port Oval
Council awarded the contract for the construction of the North Port Oval Sports Pavilion to 2Construct Pty Ltd for the sum of $2,445,741. The contract term for construction is 9 months with a 12 months defects liability period. Construction is proposed to begin in October 2012.
To review the plans, click here.
St Kilda Festival
The Council contribution to the 2013 St Kilda Festival is likely to be in the order of  $1.03 - $1.2m. Submittors to Council offered many ideas for adapting the Festival to changing circumstances and saw the funding shortfall as 'a real opportunity for change' and an opportunity to 'redefine the Festival'. A transition plan was suggested towards a scaled down Festival drawing strongly on local talent and resources.

The Council unanimously agreed to proceed with the 2013 St Kilda Festival since preparations for the February event are already well advanced. It was acknowledged that the current model for the Festival is not financially sustainable and that alternative approaches to supporting live music, arts and culture should be explored with key interest groups.

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