Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Early voting is available at the Port Town Hall

Some people regard voting as a tedious chore and some people don't vote at all - even though it's compulsory.
It seems this is not only a current observation. J W Randell, in a letter to the editor of the Argus about the Sandridge election of 1876 had no time for people who failed to vote
'These craven croakers were loud in the expression of their dissatisfaction and distrust of certain parties, yet when the time came for practical exertion they would stand idly aloof, and would render no assistance in any shape, not even to the extent of riding free of expense to the polling-place near by. The selfishness, apathy, and indifference of our fellow colonists is perfectly astounding.' The Argus Saturday 29 July 1876

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