Monday, October 15, 2012

The numbers

In 1994, at the time of council amalgamations, Port Melbourne people were represented by 9 councillors in 3 wards. In 1996, the population of Port Melbourne was 7,904.
In 2011, the population of Port Melbourne was 14,508 - a massive increase over 15 years.
And one councillor.
The  Victorian Electoral Commission reviewed Port Phillip's  representation in 2007 and made changes that came into effect at the 2008 election. The VEC redistributed voters so that all 7 wards had roughly the same number of voters with some capacity to grow into the future. They took voters off Sandridge/Port Melbourne and allocated them to Emerald Hill and Albert Park - including Cruikshank St east side, Esplanade East east side and Pickles St west side.
I am told this causes some resentment amongst voters in those areas who consider themselves first and foremost Port Melbourne people.

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