Monday, October 22, 2012

The Best of Port

The Port Melbourne Business Association awarded businesses as nominated by customers in these categories at Dalmatinos this evening. The best of Port ...
  • Coffee: Velvet Bar
  • Health & beauty: Oxygen
  • Health & fitness: K X Pilates
  • Customer service: The Graham
  • Professional advice: Behan Legal
  • Restaurant: Dalmatino
  • Tourism: 303 World Travel
  • Social media: Miishu - they have an astounding 22,000 followers on facebook!
  • Creative idea: The City Tiler
  • Environmental business: Kosdown - they are completing their move to Rocklea Drive this week after 27 years in Rouse St
  • Choose your own category: Casa de Vino
Thanks to Paul Littman and the committee for such a positive celebration of Port businesses and to Dalmatino for such a fabulous venue.

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