Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sandridge - Port Melbourne

I like that our ward retains its historic name - Sandridge - referring to the dunes that characterised the beach in the very early days of white settlement. I have a very strong sense of the continuity of municipal government in Sandridge - going back to 1860.
I owe an enormous amount to my predecessors in the role of Sandridge Ward councillor on the Port Phillip Council - Liana Thompson and Julian Hill - as well as to the mayor and councillors of the former City of Port Melbourne.
That is why I have given very careful thought and consideration to who I will support in the forthcoming election.
I believe Bernadene Voss has what it takes to be a very able councillor.
She loves Port Melbourne and wants the best for it. She has a strong track record of contribution in our community at the Port Melbourne Family and Children's hub as well as on the Two Schools Now campaign. She is strong in financial managment, having run her own business. She is conscientious, competent, committed and hard working.

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