Thursday, May 13, 2010

City of Port Phillip draft Budget, 4

One of the most important responsibilities of Council is to take care of future planning for an area. I am glad that funds are allocated in the draft budget to pursue the following important strategic planning projects:
  • Port Melbourne Waterfront Urban Design Framework - to continue the work already begun on envisaging a better future for the Port Melbourne Waterfront (Waterfront Place, the boardwalk, Beach St, Beach/Bay St, and Princes Pier)
  • Amendment C73 Beacon Cove (residential) - to change the covenants on the residential areas of Beacon Cove to planning controls in the Port Phillip Planning Scheme. This is so that Council can administer the changes people may wish to make to their properties as in any other part of the municipality
  • Review of Heritage Overlay 1 (Port Melbourne) - to ensure that the Heritage Overlay is doing its job of protecting Port Melbourne's stock of heritage buildings
  • Review Amendment C13 Port Melbourne Developer Contribution Plan - introduced in 1999, the scheme needs to be reviewed in the light of current circumstances.

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