Monday, May 10, 2010

Port in the papers over the weekend

'Too many kids in inner-city schools? That's another storey'
'Port Melbourne Primary School principal Peter Martin said "the school's two storey portable, due to arrive next fornight, was a good temporary solution. It means getting rid of our single-storey portables and getting our oval back and we're grateful for that, but if enrolments keep going the way they are, we'll end up with a playground covered with portables." [Natalie Craig, Sunday Age May 9, 2010, p7]
'Neighbourhood watch: see your vegies grow' half the article devoted to Dig In Community Garden
'The members reflect the mix of the suburb, from old-timers to newly arrived apartment dwellers. "In the garden they all speak a common language: It's about how their crops are going. That helps people get to know each other," Ms Rocheford says.' [Michael Green, Domain, Sundage Age May 9, 2010 p5]

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