Thursday, May 27, 2010

Corner of Rouse & Nott St enriched by artwork

'The artwork contained in the glass wall and exterior walls have been created by Barbara Weir. Barbara depicts her mother's country of Antwengerrp from an aerial perspective. Atnwengerrp is located in the region of Utopia, 270km north east of Alice Springs in Central Australia.
The designs represent the Sandover River, the sun rising and setting across the desert landscape, the various hunting tracks, water holes, camp sites and sacred ceremonial sites.
As a member of the Stolen Generations, Barbara was fortunate to reconnect with her family in Utopia and relearn the traditional knowledge and customs of her people. Through these artworks, Barbara acknowledges the great understanding and love she has for her land and its traditional owners. Today, she resides between Alice Springs and Utopia, while her artworks are represented in numerous collections throughout Australia and the world. Barbara Weir is represented by her son's Gallery, Dacou Melbourne' [source Dacou Melbourne]
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