Monday, May 31, 2010

Making it easier to get to the beach

Long awaited improvement works at Sandridge Beach have finally begun.
The final stage of the Sandridge masterplan includes new pathways from the residential side of the Boulevard to the foreshore path, lighting and a new playground.
The old playground which used to be in the line of sight of this path has been removed. The new playground will be located opposite Ada Mary a Beckett kinder.
The new path will follow the alignment of the path across the median in the Boulevard, shown here, to improve access to the foreshore for everybody - but especially pram and wheelchair users.


Nick said...

Janet that's good news. The new path will also be handy for crossing with bicycles. We have on occasion copped a flat tyre from a tough bindi seed when crossing the "grass" to and from the median path.

Janet Bolitho said...

Thanks Nick. Keep an eye on the works as they unfold and keep me posted.