Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Port Phillip Council draft budget 2010-11, 3

In addition to Port Melbourne specific projects, there is significant capital works expenditure proposed to be spent across the whole of Port Phillip including Port. The capital works program was built around the strategic directions of the Council Plan [2009-13] which are - in the context of the capital works program: Taking action on climate change, strengthening our diverse and inclusive community and enhancing liveability.

Here is a list of those programs:

  • Streeet tree planting: $600,000

  • Building renewal program: $500,000

  • Passive stormwater harvesting for mature street trees: $100,000

  • Environmental building retrofits: $300,000

  • Drainage renewal program: $620,000

  • Footpath rehabilitation program: $1.365m

  • Memorials and monuments rectification: $100,000

  • Foreshore minor infrastructure improvements program: $150,000

  • Pocket parks renewal program $300,000

  • Sports facilities renewals $150,000

  • Road rehabilitation program $2.15m

  • Road resurfacing program $1.4m

  • Park signage and furniture renewal $300,000

Go to pp82 to 85 (Appendix C)

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