Sunday, December 12, 2010

Change at the Beacon Cove Foodstore

After 14 years, Bernard Mandile is stepping away from the restaurant/cafe to focus on the supermarket at the Beacon Cove Foodstore. The new operator is currently refurbishing the cafe/restaurant.
Bernard has been part of Beacon Cove from its earliest conceptual days when Kevin Hunt of Mirvac imagined a village square at the heart of the new development - and this is what it has become.


Anonymous said...

i wish he still owned it the new owners are horrible and the food has gone down considerably
nothing is fresh ive been served stail food from there and their new staff are so rude and unfriendly
the prices are high and the quality just isnt their anymore
the main lady who controls the staff is very rude and the time it takes to get a coffee is unbelieveable

bring back the old owners i say

Janet Bolitho said...

So sorry you are not finding it as good as you once did.