Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Responsible Gambling Policy (draft)

I wonder what you think about gaming and the approach taken by the Council in it's draft Responsible Gambling Policy that is now open for your comment. It 'sets out a strategic approach to minimise harm associated with all forms of gambling in the City of Port Phillip.' Click here to read the policy and discussion paper or contact me for a hard copy.

A few bits and pieces from these documents:
  • the number of EGMs in the City of Port Phillip has declined steadily over the last decade, from 485 in 1999 to 384 in 2010
  • Crown Casino is easily accessible to residents of the City of Port Phillip. The Casino has 2,500 EGMs* and over 300 table games.
  • In Port Melbourne, the Rex has 57 EGMs at which $6,265,359 was spent in 2009/10
The draft policy is informed by a discussion paper attached to the policy. Follow this link to the website of the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation for details of all venues in Port Phillip.
* Electronic Gaming Machines

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