Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sandridge [3 of 7 things Council has done in Port in 2010]

The Sandridge foreshore works have meant the most to me this year. For many years people living in this part of Port felt neglected by Council from a maintenance and infrastructure point of view.
The works done this year responded to the issues that were raised most often
  • by providing those most basic of council services - bins, water foutains and bicycle hoops
  • the lights responded to people's concerns about safety and wanting to feel comfortable walking along the foreshore, day and night. The paths connect and make the foreshore more accessible
  • the gathering places have been upgraded with more tables and picnic settings and the new playground sits comfortably in its new setting

There is more work to be done in improving the management and quality of the vegetation, and keeping on top of the maintenance regime - but I hope Sandridge people no longer feel neglected.

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